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    تلفن ثابت : 03154759144

    تلفن همراه : 989120302509+

    ایمیل : info[@]afshincarpet.com

"Carpet villa Bidgol" of the largest producers of carpet in Iran is managed by Mr. wheat in HONARPARVAR Kashan Industrial Park Solomon Sabahi Aran Bidgol its activities in the field of tissue types of carpet quality land with an area of 3 thousand square meters and with registration number 128 in 1375 with an initial capacity of 40,000 square meters, annual production has started.

Directors of the company also familiar with handmade carpet industry in the past and have sufficient knowledge and abundance of the consumer market, expectations from consumers, tastes and cultures of different regions of the country brand "carpet Afshin" and the slogan "our ad quality is our" feet the field of carpet production up and stamp utilization of previous experience, the enjoyment of young and educated and use of the most modern machinery manufacturing (HCI X2) and flossing 100% acrylic to produce carpet 700 shoulder with a density of 2700 has .

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Address: Aran Bidgol, Solomon Sabahi Industrial Park, Boulevard Labor (the original one), No. 162

Phone: +983154759144

Mobile: +989103943690

Fax: +983154759784

Email: info [@] afshincarpet.com



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